DallasWholesalers - Crappy Company!

Tremonton, Utah 0 comments

I emailed and Called DallasWholesalers before submitting my order to make sure that they would have it delivered in 5 days, and they reassured me it would be no problem.Today is the fifth day and it has not even shipped out.

When i called them to talk about it all she kept telling me is that i have a bad attitude and she was cancelling the order.

I NEEDED THAT ORDER TODAY!and she isn't doing anything but hanging up on me!

She shouldn't be picking and choosing her customers depending on who can take their *** and also should mention when they are that backed up and help the customer figure out another way.

Review about: Bags.

Dallaswholesalers.net stole money, no contact, no shipment

Livingston, New Jersey 12 comments

On July 9, 2008 I did place an order for merchandise on the internet via the web site http://www.dallaswholesalers.net for the amount of $74.95. Shortly thereafter I discovered that I had forgotten to include two items, so I tried to call them at the phone number, 469-742-8947 which is listed on the web site as the contact phone number. I left a voice mail which the recording stated would be returned promptly, however, no return phone call was received.

I had received an “autoresponder” email confirming my order, however, when I also tried emailing regarding this order at the email addresses of jeri@dallaswholesalers.net and sales@dallaswholesalers.net, I never received a response.

I did a reverse lookup of your contact phone number, 469-742-8947 and discovered that it is listed to a Richard Gilbert at an unlisted street address in McKinney, TX.

Upon further research I discovered a different phone number listed to Geraldine Gilbert, owner of Dallas Wholesalers at the address listed on the web site and discovered that the phone number was disconnected. This disconnected number is also the phone number listed on the PayPal transaction as the contact number.

Throughout the rest of the day of July 9, 10 and 11, the voice mail box for 469-742-8947 was full and I was unable to contact anyone at all regarding this order.

On July 12, my pending transaction for the amount of $74.95 was completed. I have come to the conclusion that this event officially makes them a thief with no intention of ever shipping the merchandise I had ordered.



I have been a customer since 2010 and I have no complaints. Shipping usually takes a bit longer than I would like but they are great, great merchandise and great service :)


Im a new customers and I look forward to working with your company. I have done a back ground check with the BBB. I believe in giving anyone a chance.


I have placed a number of orders with Dallas Wholesalers and have been please with the quality and prices of their merchandise. Shipping may take a little longer than with other large Internet sellers, but I usually receive orders within 2 weeks. For free shipping on large orders, it's worth the wait.


I love this company!!Very reliable and helpful.

And you cannot beat the prices!8)


Thanks for the info!I was thinking of buying from this site but something felt off so I looked around.

I definetly will not be placing an order now.Business should not be conducted this way.


CHECK OUT THE BBS BEFORE ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY (Better Busines Bereau) THIS WOULD BE WISE...THE YTRIED TO STIFF US...we finnaly got our order after contacting our bank and starting a reversal on the transaction and contacting the Texas BBB. :(


CHECK OUT THE BBS BEFORE ORDERING FROM THIS COMPANY (Better Busines Bereau) THIS WOULD BE WISE...THE YTRIED TO STIFF US...we finnaly got our order after contacting our bank and starting a reversal on the transaction and contacting the Texas BBB.


:) I have been buying products from Dallas Wholesalers since January 08 and have never had a problem with any of my shipments which have been many, the few times I felt I needed to talk with someone I left a voice message and they got back to me no later than 48 hours later. I have been very pleased with there service and will continue to give them my business. You can't beat their prices or the quality of their products.



Great to hear you got a human. It is definitely not the norm from what I have experienced and the root of the original complaint posted here.

As a follow up I did receive my order. Only after I disputed the charges with the credit card company. :( And contacted the Denton Police Department about theft charges. Still have not received a phone call or an email to discuss this or explain why it took 20 days to ship less than 250 miles. It is too bad, I was/am looking for a US distributor to purchase wholesale bags for promotions and this order was to be a sample order of the quality and usability. My quest to find someone to buy from will begin again.

I still would like a phone call from anyone at Dallas Wholesalers. If I could receive a honest reason why I was treated the way I was, I could possibly see past this issue.

I know there are things that slip through the cracks. Back ordered merchandise, family issues or just being overwhelmed with orders. But at the same time, (as I stated before) a quick phone call or email goes a long way.


I placed an order with this company. And I just called today to check on it. I spoke with a live person, and she was very helpful and I'm sure I will receive my products soon.

It seems like a very reliable business.

I'm very happy with everything so far, and will be making future purchases as well!



I too have taken by Dallas Wholesalers.I placed an order for about the same amount over two weeks ago.

I never recieved the product nor have I recieved a return phone call or email.

I have applied for a refund but doubt they will return my money.As I stated in emails and on the phone, this could be remedied with just a tiny bit of courtesy and customer service.

Zhenjiang, Liaoning, China #22863

Hi, Jamie Garner of Livingston, TX - the person of the complaint. This is Geraldine Gilbert, one of the owners of Dallas Wholesalers...the reason why our company issued you a full refund and we cancelled your order was for merely for the way you have conducted yourself so unprofessionally. For example as in this message board, your emails, and voice mails that were left for our warehouse staff. We do deal with alot of great customers on a daily basis, but we do not return calls from those individuals that choose to conduct themselves so poorly as you have done. You will notice that you have been issued a full refund on your credit card, prior to your order being shipped. We serve our customers in a first come first serve basis, we do not place your order ahead of anyone else we ship our orders Monday thru Friday. Your order was placed on July 9, our billing charged you on July 12 and you placed this complaint on July 16. I don't think UPS would have time to even deliver. But this is the type of level of unprofessionalism I am referring to with your demanding conduct.

Your refund has been provide to you on your credit card statement. And if you would like to have any discussions in a professional manner with me personally please give me a call directly at 469-742-8947. If we are in the warehouse shipping, please just leave one message - not 15 or 20 within an hour period, as this does put our voicemail in status whereby our other customers cannot leave a message...

We do appreciate your interest in our company.

Thank you,

Geraldine Gilbert

Dallas Wholesalers


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